Break through

I’m on a mission to help people have more fun and fulfillment at work. With decades of experience working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches, I’ve realized that when you’re feeling fulfilled and having fun at work, everything changes. You make better decisions, you have more energy, you are more present in relationships, you're more resilient to setbacks, and it's infectious for those around you. Whether coaching 1:1 or with a team, I bring opportunities to challenges, dig deep for clarity, and partner through to implementation.


Nobody prepares talented leaders and entrepreneurs for the unique pressures placed upon their time, well-being, and relationships—both in and outside of work. In 1:1 engagements, I partner with leaders leveraging their strengths and shifting life-long habits that no longer serve them. We define success and find creative ways to measure it. Clients report that they are working less and having an even bigger impact.


You can only take your clients as far as you’ve gone—that’s why a career in coaching guarantees a lifetime of learning. After decades of experience in business and coaching, I began 1:1 coaching with coaches to elevate the profession and help others on the road to mastery. Most coaches go into coaching fueled with a passion to help others and struggle with the business aspect. I help coaches work both on their business and in their business. I focus equally on developing their business skills: defining a clear vision for their business and building exceptional client enrollment skills.

My office is open

For 1:1 coaching, I provide two options: a warm and comfortable office in Bellevue, WA, or online video conferencing using the Zoom video platform.


All parties in a work team ultimately want a shared purpose, trust, respect, transparency, and good leadership. When one or more of those elements are broken everyone can be at a loss for how to go about creating that sense of unity. Because no two teams are the same, I personalize my coaching methods for every team I work with. After 1:1 sessions with every member of the team, we meet as a group to clarify team motivations, tackle challenges, set goals, and define ways of measuring team success using expert exercises, models, and methodologies. Whether I’m working with a brand-new team or one with a long past, I help them courageously design a better future and truly harness their collective intelligence.

How to Work With Me

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