Comedy that transforms

"Laughter is the original transformation and Pam Dibbs is a master of transformation. When you laugh, your whole system vibrates, and when Pam closed out our conference she had an audience of 150 people crying with laughter. That would have been enough in itself, but she also used humor to help everyone see how they get in their own way and gave them a funny and gentle reminder of how to do things differently.”
—Rich Litvin, co-author of The Prosperous Coach, founder of 4PC

pam dibbs comedy

Here’s something I love: comedy can physically shift the energy of a crowd. First there’s unexpected hilarity, then self-identification, letting your guard down, and then relief. When audiences laugh at themselves together, they bond because the shortest distance between two people is a good laugh.

Laughter shakes us out of a mindset of fear and scarcity that infects the whole system, fills our relationships with tension, and shuts out joy. My speaking engagements at leadership events poke fun at the human condition and our self-defeating habits. When I’m on stage, I use classic British wit and wry insights from years as an entrepreneur, coach, and facilitator.